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Who am I?

The simple prairies of wind and wheat ushered me into this life.

I found myself displaced in my conservative North Dakota upbringing. The culture, racism, and harsh weather never felt like my home. Yet, something guided me into belonging. That something cannot be named as one thing, but as a web of many karmic threads that I revere as the Great Mystery. This belonging has been the journey we are all on and face whether we are conscious of it or not. It is the journey of coming home. This homecoming is not a physical place but a feeling that wherever we find ourselves there is comfort, confidence, and wholeness. I'm pleasantly surprised to say I am reclaiming my belonging. May this belonging ripple out and gift each life it encounters with healing, empowerment, and connection.

That given, I want to acknowledge the major players for my success and thriving in this life...

First and foremost, Mama Gaia~ Thank you for being the Earth beneath my feet.

Our Solar System & Celestial Bodies~ Thank you for holding us in your Light!

My paternal grand-parents~ Matilda Webber & Herman Klein

My maternal grand-parents~ Dorthy Welch & James Sautner

My birth parents~ Tom Klein & Betty Welch

My step-mother~ Sharon Renner

All of you that serve and love me as your own child~ Marilyn & Bob LeClair, Quaida Richards, & Susan James

All of my healed Ancestors~ Thank you for your gifts!!!

All of my unwell Ancestors~ May my healing be yours.

All of my future Ancestors~ May I provide a rich and nourished foundation for your thriving.

Our Plant Queendom~ Thank you for gracing me with your wisdom and healing.

All my Animal helpers including Owl, Moose, Impala, Snake, Black Jaguar, Pegasus, Phoenix, Swan, Butterfly, Moth, Dragonfly, & Earth Worm.

To the Flower Nation~ Your Beauty is the inspiration for my existence and healing.

To my Earthly teachers~ Mike Hehn, Kate, Lynn Andrews, Starhawk, Wanita Thompson, Susan James, Raven, Raquel Ontiveros, Gene Yarrington, Amma, Supreme Science Qigong Center, Desert Yoga Studio, Deborah Brant, David Crow, Bear Mountain Sufi community, Naava K., Richard McDonald, Marshall Rosenberg, Ano Tarletz Hanamana, Gaia Yoga, Jen Bee @ Paridise Nectar Apiaries, Athena Wolf, & Oren Jay Sofer. 

To my Heavenly teachers~ Yogananda, Ram Dass, Neem Karoli Baba, Osho, Ganesha, Shiva, Kali Ma, Ulitma, & Carlos Castenda. 

To all the Lovers I've had the privilege of being with~ I am the Lover I am because of our experiences.

To all the Children I've had the honor to love and care for~ I am the Mother I am because of you.

To all the Allies~ Your support and encouragement is a part of my success...

Especially, Erika Burleigh who took my creative vision for my logo, added hers and painted it into the seen world.  Autumn Stinar who has stoked my creative fire with music, connection, and play. She is the graphic designer of my logo and gracefully put up with all my particularities in my search for perfection!

To all the Adversaries~ Your challenge has shaped my authentic self~worth and confidence.

To every thread in this Woven Tapestry~ Your diversity and color give life meaning and inter~dependence in Allways.


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