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Let the Moon whisper songs of

Mystery and Magic

woven deep from memories of moths and fragrant flowers 

pollinating the night 

awakening us to the Unseen

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Bio.Regi0nal Herbalism

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May we see that all we need is always around us...

By the Moon Herbal Apothecary mainly uses locally cultivated, wild-harvested,  and regionally appropriate plants.

Exceptions are made only when plants are in alignment with our guiding principles.

The most common and simple plants can be our greatest allies. 

Our inspirations manifest as nourishing tea blends, medicinal powders, and infused honey.

Holistic Folk Medicine perceives health as an interconnected web containing the seen and unseen, the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical manifestations

of each person. I support balance through the use of energy medicine & healing.

My intent is to awaken and inspire  health with the use of symbols, objects, rituals, and herbs.

May new habits and thought patterns emerge and empower each of us with courageous and authentic expression.

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