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Black Sky

Root into Self                   Cultivate Authenticy                   Harvest Truth


I welcome you here, right now, just as you are.

I welcome you no matter how full your tool box is, or isn't.

I welcome you in your longings and in your grievings.  

I welcome you in your celebrations and inspirations.

I welcome you in whatever your story, for this a Divine meeting.

This is a place where you are seen, held, and celebrated. 


We are born into a world without our village. We rarely receive proper initiations within the nuclear family and, when we do leave our home, it is usually with just a few tools in our belt. This displacement can haunt us our whole lives. The journey of belonging and finding meaning in our modern world can be disheartening and full of darkness. Yet, somehow, here you are reading this. Whether or not you actually become an apprentice, I welcome you in your journey of authentic expression.

May life continue to meet you with reminders that you are not alone.

As soon as you claim your place in the world,

may your roots slide down into the fertile ground.

May you be met with what you need.

May nourishment pour through you,

guiding you into a bloom this life has never witnessed. 

May those around you be gifted with your nectar.

May your seeds begin their journey upon the wind.

And, when they fall, may the imprint of your courage take root and inspire others.

I am committed to sharing the tools I've gathered with those seeking to receive them. Currently, my apprenticeships are one-on-one and customized for the student. Our time together can be spent in many ways and no one apprenticeship looks the same.

Here is a list of studies available:

Bio-Regional Herbalism~ Cultivating and Wild Crafting your own medicines

Self Care Modalities~ Qigong, Yoga, Meditation, and Mindful Communication

Curanderisma~ Energy Medicine, Bodywork, Birth Support (Doula), Death Doula, Developing Authenticity/Intuition, Rituals for healing and supporting yourself and your community

Contact me directly for details on how to begin an apprenticeship @ 575-538-1856

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