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Affirming our gifts
through shared experience

Custom Tea Blend

"I developed an eye twitch during a stressful time in my life. I requested a custom herbal tea blend from By the Moon Apothecary. After answering a few questions, the herbal blend was created and I felt the benefits very quickly. It soothed my body as well as my spirit. The eye twitch subsided. Along with the tea, an animal oracle card was pulled for me and explained in a handwritten note. This extra touch made me feel cared for and wrapped warmly in the energy of love. Shivani Ma is very skilled in herbal remedies and also has a talent for intuitive healing. I highly recommend her products and services." - Lillian Connelly

Vitamin C "Synergy" Powder

"Delicious! I find my body craves its and my mind feels uplifted. It's like ingesting sunshine. I love it in my yogurt and granola! A wonderful treat. Thank you Shivani!"

-Brooke Alyse

Turmeric Candy

"My family members turn to the tumeric candy anytime we have a headache. Holly had a level 9 out of 10 headache, and I suggested the turmeric candy. She thought it would not work for something so severe. She was wrong! Her headache completely disappeared within minutes. This turmeric candy has a hint of sweet, yet is a powerful medicine. Thank you for this gift!" -Alden Witte

Horsetail/Rose Petal Powder

"The rose and horsetail is such a gorgeous blend. I purchased this blend as a guide in helping me deepen my connection between the masculine and feminine energies in my system. I found it to be such a grounding and nourishing medicine that has aided me in forgiveness of myself and others. It's helped aid in my sense of direction, while also allowing me to soften in my knowing. Thank you, Shivani, for all your love in these potent blends. I can feel the hands that tend and activate these medicines in every sip!" -Taylor Gadda

Limpias & Medicine Sessions

"Shivani's energy work is like an art form. Every session is an individualized experience based on the needs of that session. She connects clearly with her spirit guidance. Her hands on work is subtle and, yet, I feel empowered energetically from the shifts being made. I trust Shivani's work and I believe she recognizes people in their wholeness. Offering many gifts to each session, she has powerful visionary insights and strong plant assistance to bring an earthy, yet, grounded space into being. Join her in a ceremonial space and allow your being to mend & heal." -Brooke Alyse

"My experience of Shivani's energy work was transformative. I was experiencing back pain and she suggested the source may be energetic.  I was a bit skeptical when we started the Limpia, but I kept an open mind that I am grateful for. After my visit, I felt healed in my energy field and a general sense of freedom. I wasn't sure if it would solve the physical pain, but over time the relief has lasted. What a nice young lady!" 

-Los Lobos

"I scheduled a Medicine Session with Shivani to help boost my liver.

She greeted me outside where she snipped some lovely roses. We entered inside her calming space and began with a check-in and inquiry of my state of well being. Shortly thereafter, we began our table time. I got comfortable with several deep relaxing breaths. As Shivani began a limpia, she checked the strength of my chakras, balancing and clearing where needed. Afterwards, I studied the three oracle cards she pulled for me while she put together plant medicines to best support my needs. The roses she picked and used during our session were part of my 30 day protocol sent home along with supportive meditations. 

I followed her directions explicitly and received check-ins on my progress. 

I am so pleased with the results of my session." - Alice Rickle

Astrological Gazing

"Shivani's enthusiasm and joy for astrology engaged me. We explored my birth chart in a way I had never done before; with play-fullness and curiosity, we looked at my Mars and Venus placement. They are close to the Earth and therefore have a stronger effect on us. Shivani explained how they represent our masculine and feminine aspects. We spoke upon how I may have exiled these qualities from myself and therefore seek them out in external relationships, instead of cultivating them within myself. I came away from our session inspired to dig deeper into knowledge of this with a curious attitude to explore ways of marrying the divine masculine and feminine within. I would describe our astrological exploration as simple, exciting, and tender. I pray that her work is divinely guided and helps bring more clarity, balance, truth and love to all."

-Isabella Blasucci

Doula Support

"Giving birth is such a significant and sacred time in a woman’s life. It is the time when we need nurturing and support more than ever. I was so very blessed to have Shivani Ma as my Doula. She was there to anticipate needs that I could not verbalize. Holding space for vulnerability. Being grounded and present which brought comfort and security. She truly provided a safe container for which I was allowed to express in anyway that I needed without judgment. She trusted the birthing process and my body. It was so refreshing to have someone so confident in my ability to do something so challenging. This in turn created more confidence within me. Which brought a lighter feeling to the entire birthing process. Once my baby was born she remained to help in a multitude of ways. Continuing to be a loving support until we were fully settled. We couldn’t have hoped for a better doula. Shivani was such a blessing to our entire family. I can not thank her enough for such an amazing birth experience." -Melissa Gulotta

"Having Shivani as my Doula was a wonderful and beautiful experience. She made the birth experience of my daughter relaxing and comfortable. The counter pressure she offered during my contractions helped ease my pain. Her strong, yet gentle presence, supported me through my labor. She also helped me during my nesting phase. I feel so blessed that Shivani was able to be my doula, as I was living in Mexico at the time of this birth." -Melissa Green


"I have always had a strong calling to nature, herbs, and healing. Apprenticing with Shivani has really cultivated that in me. She has being a great wellspring of information and knowledge through years of personal experience in the healing arts. I was able to get off many different prescription medications and balance my physical, mental, and emotional health. She is so insightful and tuned into our natural world and rhythms. I always look forward to our meetings and seeing where the day take us."  -Mariah Runnels

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